Front Rangers Cycling Club

The Front Rangers Cycling Club, established in January 1993, was founded on the belief that direct interaction with youth will offset the influences of drugs, gang membership, crime, and other social ills facing young people today.

The membership of the Front Rangers Cycling Club is composed of a group of adult professionals who are bicycle racers, ex-racers, and cycling enthusiasts. In addition, officers from the Denver Police Department are active members. All members share their time and enthusiasm to ensure worthwhile achievement for each and every participant.

The Front Rangers have established the following objectives for all members and participants to gain lasting, valuable life experiences:

  • Introduce urban youth to cycling as an alternative activity to drugs and gangs, and ensure continued participation through the progression of the program.
  • Actively promote drug-free lifestyles, self-discipline, and the value of education through example and encouragement.
  • Educate and promote bicycle safety and the rules of riding on the open road.
  • Promote healthy activities with urban youth, the community, and law enforcement officers.
  • Offer positive role models for “at-risk” youth, and cultivate such role models within the community.
  • Develop cycling talent by offering advanced and competitive racing opportunities.
  • Organize large scale cycling events/races in the metro area in order to expose youth members to new cycling venues.
  • Finally, enthusiastic youth and adult members meet for regular weekly rides. These rides and events begin in January and continue throughout the summer cycling season.