The race course is held on City streets in Golden Triangle neighborhood.  Streets are closed to traffic, and no parking is permitted on the course during the race.   Start / Finish line is on Bannock Street between 10th and 11th Avenues: roughly at 1089 Bannock Street in the Rocky Mountain PBS parking Lot.

The figure-8 course is generally flat, and approximately 1.5km in length.   The race is run heading north on Bannock, turning left on 11th, then right on Cherokee to 12th Avenue.  A quick run on 12th Avenue returns the race to Bannock Street (right) and ultimately to the figure-8 left turn on 11th Avenue again.  The course turns right on Acoma for a long straightaway run down to 9th Avenue.  Two quick right turns and it’s back to Bannock Street for a “dragstrip” run to the start/finish line. We are fortunate to still be enjoying these City streets with all the new development and construction!

  • Medical will be located near registration.
  • Helmets must be worn at ALL TIMES when you are riding your bike!
  • Wheel pit will be located near the start finish line, at Bannock and 10th Avenue.
  • USE THE RESTROOMS PROVIDED, behind the registration area.   THERE ARE PLENTY
  • Do not enter the course at ANY TIME during racing, check with official or race staff WHEN A RACE IS OVER to ride course
  • Please discard of trash properly.
  • Take advantage of of the many restaurants, coffee houses, and pubs along our course.

Spectator Viewing is available anywhere along the course.  Some favourite locations are:

  • Start / Finish line:  1089 Bannock Street and all along that block
  • Corner of 11th and Bannock Street: a sharp corner for both directions.
  • Corner of 9th and Bannock: a sharp corner and the last turn before the sprint for finish!
  • 12th and Cherokee:  riders take a sharp right turn.
  • 11th and Cherokee:  riders take a sharp right turn after coming down a fast stretch.

race course