The Bannock Street Criterium is made possible only through the generous dedication and hard work of its volunteers.  We welcome your involvement, in any of the numerous roles:  pre-race set up, race day logistics, and post race tear down.

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  • Pre-Race Setup – Saturday morning:  Volunteers set up barricades, put up banners, and finalize preparations.  The first race starts at 8:00a.m.
  • Course Marshalling – Volunteers are needed throughout the day on race day to Marshal. That means controlling an intersection to assure that we don’t have people or traffic wandering onto the course.  You’ll be able to watch the race action.  You have a whistle to alert wayward pedestrians, and a race radio to call for support if necessary.  You’ll also notify medical support of any crashes needing medical attention.
  • Volunteer Coordinator:  This role checks in volunteers, and makes sure all positions are covered.  The volunteer coordinates distribution of vests, whistles, and race radios for the course marshals.
  • Race Officials Runner:  An important link between the registration table, prize table, and race officials.
  • Medical Reporting:  This role makes sure all medical mishaps are recorded on the proper form.   Hopefully this role is not too busy, and can enjoy the race.
  • Runner / Ice:  Supporting role:  periodically checks with other areas to help out as needed, may make a trip to get ice (if needed), and makes sure water is available for volunteers and racers.
  • Prizes and Awards distribution:  This person distributes cash envelopes and other prizes to the winners after each race.
  • Registration – Sunday:  Volunteers greet and take completed registration forms and fees, enter registration numbers into the computer, and distribute race numbers.
  • After Race Teardown: Volunteers cleanup and restore the race venue after the last race ends at 7p.m. We have to move the barricades, remove police tape, and take down all the banners, etc.  Our goal is to leave the streets and race venue cleaner then we found it!  This is a MOST IMPORTANT volunteer role, as most of the principals are tired from being out on the course all day.   Thank you!